What is Kinetic Marketing?

We all know that industry is moving faster all the time, but how has it changed since the 2008 financial crisis? Since 2008 we have governments attempting to step into the free market economy with the best of intentions, but often with devastating results. Just as we learned with conservation, preventing all forest fires set up the most destructive burns that destroyed the forest rather than simply scorch it.

Kinetic marketing is a recognition that in the present time, with so many new unexpected market drivers for both good and bad it is more important than ever before to be hyper-vigilant. It is critical that market data be gathered as often as possible, and never rely on market reports that are more than a year old.

In the semiconductor industry, WSTS monitors and reports monthly on the actual shipments of semiconductors. With a little intelligence, these reports can be used to track the industries into which they are sold. The process of gathering information regularly and creating the intelligence needed to use this data to predict the future is Kinetic Marketing.


Market focus for CBK consulting

The focus for CBK is created from Carl’s experience. Carl has been focused upon the power conversion industry since it became an industry back in the early 1970’s. While history is not an indicator of future events (so say all the company annual reports), it is a valuable source of the intelligence needed to make sense out of the chaos of the present. Carl has been predicting the future for more than 30 years as a requirement for his role in defining new products in the power supply and power semiconductor markets. It was this need to predict the future that attracted him to PSMA and the PTRM committee in which he became involved and eventually lead for the 2011 PSMA PTRM.

This unique background allows Carl to provide an independent view of business plans and market dynamics for companies in the power conversion and power semiconductor market segments.